Museum Dining

From the bistrot d’auteur to multi-starred restaurants. You’ve never had lunch or dinner like this in a museum before in totally privacy and relaxing atmosphere, with your own Chef. Founded on early Christian ruins, the Parish Church of the year one thousand can still be admired in its original structures, with three naves, in the private museum in the center of the village where only guests of the structure are admitted. The term Caminino is very ancient and derives from chimney/furnace referring to the metallurgical activity which, in Etruscan-Roman times, characterized the nearby “Colline Meltallifere”, where the spring of holy water dedicated to San Feriolo is still found today. He was the legionary around whom a legend revolves: it is said that, during the Christian persecutions, he was killed here by Roman archers and, by a miracle, the waters turned red. The spring was fundamental for working metal and quenching the thirst of the community that had settled in this place, first the Etruscan and then the Roman one. And on the lands where the Pieve di Caminino stands today, according to documents dating back to the 11th century, a rectory was built with the functions of a parish church. After centuries in a state of abandonment, the village was purchased in 1872 by the Auditor of the Grand Duchy.

Truffle Hunting

This experience takes place in an exclusive reserve, one of the few areas in the world where this rare and precious tuber is found. As you wander through the woods, observe the behaviour of the dogs, which are specially trained to use their powerful nose to locate this delightful underground delicacy. Since this is a real hunt, it is impossible to guarantee finding truffles. However, if you are lucky enough to collect some, you’ll soon discover why the locals take such trouble to track them down. This experience can also be tailored to include a luncher dinner and wine tasting.
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